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About STEARsoft


About STEARsoft

STEARsoft is a small company of basically one person (Marcus Butler) with help from friends from time to time. Marcus is actually a Mathematics teacher at a secondary school in the UK, so he works on STEARsoft in his spare time; evenings, weekends and holidays.

About Marcus

Marcus first became interested in writing software when he was 10 years old, using a SHARP MZ80A computer. He went on to gain a degree in Mathematics at Oxford University and then worked for 8 years as a senior software engineer at Madge Networks (the last couple of years as part of an internal start-up; Red-M). His expertise was in a small team writing network management software for enterprise systems, used in critical environments such as banks, stock-exchanges and other finance companies.

After the 8 years as a software engineer, Marcus then pursued a desire to teach. Once in teaching, Marcus found the lack of good software to support his administrative duties frustrating, so set about writing his own. What started out as sharing his electronic teaching tools with colleagues then grew to the situation now where he is sharing them with a wider community using the internet.

Contact details

Due to the sporadic way in which Marcus is able to work and the home-based nature of the business, please make contact using the support or request forms within the customer area. The address below is not the address of STEARsoft, but Marcus teaches at this school, so if you need to write to him, you can do so via:
Marcus Butler
Dr. Challoner's Grammar School
Chesham Road

Other links

Marcus has also written a few electronic teaching resources for Mathematics found at

Another small project is which is a utility Marcus wrote for copying and adjusting MPEG video clips.