Altimeter for Aviators

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Altimeter for Aviators

Available for Apple Watch Series 3 (also for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch)

Altimeter for Aviators is a pure barometric (pressure) Altimeter. It uses the barometer in your Apple Watch or your iPhone (no GPS). An authentic dials display is used.

If you want a 'real' Altimeter, look no further. No GPS used here.

Learn how a real pressure Altimeter works such as you would find in an aircraft. Altimeter for Aviators is primarily designed as an Apple Watch application, although it does also work on iPhones or iPads that have a barometer. Provided your watch has a Barometer it will even run stand-alone (no iPhone needed).

Student and instructor pilots will find this App to be a valuable training tool, while those knowing how to use an altimeter will enjoy having it on their wrist.