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Extracting data from SIMS or iSAMS

To work alongside SIMS or iSAMS, we can set up an automated daily process to update STEARsoft with the most up-to-date class lists, timetables and student and staff details. This will require a site visit and the secure installation of an upload module at your school (there is a charge for this).

Other systems may also be compatible, please get in touch as described below to check.

Technical information

The deployed upload module will access your data on your network (behind your firewall) through a standard (ODBC) interface. It will then securely upload this data to your STEARsoft Cloud Server.

The reason for this process is as follows: By accessing your data from within your school, you do not need to make your data accessible to the outside world. It can remain hidden safely behind your firewall. You also have physical control over the accessing device (upload module), so know that in an unforeseen situation you can switch it off to close down any access to your data. So the upload module reads the data from your server and then 'sends' the data to the Cloud Server, which it can do without having to adjust or compromise your firewall or school security; it is like accessing a website... This upload is encrypted and also authenticated with a secure public/private key mechanism to ensure that the data can only be sent to your Cloud Server and that the data being uploaded is from an authorised device (the upload module). No data is saved on the upload module, so if it is compromised at your site it does not contain any sensitive data. It also doesn't store the credentials to access your school data; it only has half the credentials, the other half coming from the Cloud Server during authentication.

This requires us to make a site visit and work with you to ensure you are happy with all security aspects and that we get it running smoothly for you.

To initiate this process, order a Cloud Server trial and then get in touch through the communication you will receive doing that.

Note: No data is written back to your school database (eg to SIMS or iSAMS). The process is only a single direction read from your database. STEARsoft is happy to work with you on solutions to merge any necessary output or provide summary information in any particular format.