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STEARsoft emergency data upload

  • This feature requires a full school license.
  • Version 5.6.7 or better must be installed.

What the emergency data upload feature does

A copy of today's emergency (attendance) data is kept offsite at so that in the event of an emergency, if your computers fail (eg due to a power-cut), you can still access today's attendance data using a 3G iPhone or iPad.

How the emergency data upload feature works

Periodically (you can set how frequently), the 'Emergency' screen is uploaded to an area at The page is fully encrypted using AES encryption and a 256-bit key before being sent. Once at it is stored on a server in the UK.

Using an iPhone or 3G-iPad running version 2.4.0 or better of the paid for STEARsoft App, once you have synchronised, an Emergency option will be visible on the top level page to access the Emergency page remotely from (synchronisation is required to copy the secure key used to encrypt and decrypt the page).

How to configure the emergency data upload feature

  1. Run the 'STEAR Administrator' program (installed in the STEARsoft folder in 'All Programs')
  2. Change the upload emergency screen frequency to 15 minutes for example, and specify a proxy server if necessary. Press the Set button to save your new settings.

The rest will happen automatically, but may take a while to become active. STEARsoft will gradually generate a secure encryption key over a period of time which will then be synchronised during a normal 'sync' to relevant iPads and iPhones.

You can track the progress of key generation and upload in the Administrator section of the web interface; click the 'Emergency uploads' option in the left panel on the main administrator page.

Other information about the emergency data upload feature

  • This feature, as with any computer feature is not guaranteed, but when combined with other procedures should help minimise your risks. Accordingly, this should just be an element of any emergency procedure policy and not the sole means of accessing attendance data in an emergency.
  • Only the most recent emergency page is stored at STEARsoft. Each upload over-writes the previously saved data. It is for current emergencies, not looking back at previous days.
  • If no attendance is recorded, no upload is made, so for example on a Sunday, you would still see Friday's attendance data (if nothing had been done at the weekend).
  • STEARsoft waits for the time you specify after a change has been detected before uploading.