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Check these questions before making a support request.

Question:My iPhone/iPad doesn't manage to connect to the server (eg it times out).
Answer:The most common reason for this is a firewall setting. Switch the firewall off on your PC to see if it then works. If it does, switch your firewall back on, but configure it to unblock stearserver.exe

Question:The Attendance Register doesn't seem to work in Windows.
Answer:You need to have Internet Explorer installed. If you have any Firewall software active, you must unblock stearserver.exe

Question:STEARsoft isn't accepting my username and password. I'm confused.

There are 3 types of username/password. It's possible they are becoming muddled. See the Clarification of passwords screen for help. Also be aware that repeated failed attempts to log in to the Administrator account or a teacher account will lock that account. See the Clarification of passwords page for details.

Question:Why do you need my email address?

Unfortunately, mistakes and problems are a reality in the computer world. Our technical support uses web pages and email due to the nature of our company. Ensuring we have a reliable way to communicate back to you is critical before such times occur. Experience also shows that customers are less likely to 'lose' important license, username and password information if the details are emailed to them rather than simply displayed on a web page. We do recognise the annoyance of Spam, and hate spam mail ourselves. We therefore have a policy of not passing on any email addresses to anyone at all, or for using them ourselves for further marketing.

Question:From some parts of the school network, there is a 10 second delay before each STEARsoft web page comes up. What is going on?

This has been seen on a network running different V-LANs. There is an interesting feature in internet explorer that can cause it to attempt to authenticate using port 80 even if accessing a web page on another port (eg 13031). If your network is set up to correctly route (and allow) traffic to port 13031 of your STEARsoft server, but not port 80, then internet explorer fails to make a connection on port 80, waiting for a timeout 3 times before trying as requested on port 13031. The fix for this is to either use Firefox, or to add port 80 to your network routing information. Note that port 80 does not need to be open on the STEARserver machine.