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STEARsoft Cloud Server

Don't like the thought of configuring networks and setting up new hardware?

Use a STEARsoft Cloud Server instead.

Prices start from £6.00 per month.

To get started, login with your customer ID and look for 'Cloud Server'.

Fast performance:
You will have your own dedicated STEARsoft Cloud Server running at a secure, high-spec data-centre. No adverts and efficent web pages give fast performance even on modest equipment.

Helping you to be GDPR compliant
STEARsoft Cloud Server is based on the same attendance system that has been around since 2005, but adds:

  • HTTPS secure access from anywhere;
  • Secure (HTTPS equivalent) synchronising with the STEARsoft iPhone/iPad/iPod App;
  • Two factor login;
  • Your data being stored in the UK at a data centre conforming to recognised GDPR compliant security standards;
  • iPhone/iPad/iPod data security features (see below);
  • Managed equipment with backup power and automatic data backups;

Other recent additions:

  • A new integrated student messaging system (delivering electronic messages through the registers);
  • New features like customisable default read/write access rights to aid how cover can be done;
  • Updates to support newer web browsers;
  • Support for synchronising larger class sizes.
  • Improved reports, including .pdf versions.

iPhone/iPad/iPod data security features:

  • Only data directly relevent to the teacher is copied to the iPhone App (such as their class lists, their timetable and their attendance data);
  • In-built to the iPhone, your data is encrypted and secured;
  • iCloud and iTunes backups of your STEARsoft data are blocked so data is not spread beyond the single copy on the single device;
  • An auto-delete feature ensures that the data stored on an iPhone is deleted automatically if not synchronised with the STEARsoft Cloud Server for a specified (customisable) number of days. This ensures no 'forgotten', lost or stolen copies of data hang around.

The above is in addition to the regular features of STEARsoft:

  • Traditional whole sheet attendance register views to give control and convenience to the teacher;
  • Time saving flood fill options, directly book-markable pages and smart timetable based highlighting to save precious seconds in the classroom;
  • Automatic real-time attendance analysis with suspicious/inconsistent attendance flagged up to the relevant teacher for attention;
  • Web based to enable use from almost any desktop, tablet or mobile device;
  • Powerful attendance analysis tools;
  • Organised outstanding-absence-note list for each class;
  • A convenient inbuilt incident recording feature to help teachers manage their classroom.

Order or find out more

To order or find out more, please login with your customer ID and click 'Cloud server' on the left option panel. If you don't already have one, it is free to request a customer ID.