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A Customer ID will let you:

  • activate a free trial license for STEARsoft
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  • make suggestions for new STEARsoft features
Your name:Appears on your license and in your registered copy of STEARsoft. It is also used to personalise any communication.
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Please note:We hate spam too. Your email address and other Personal Data will only be used to operate your STEARsoft account and provide the services you explicitly select. They will not be used to send sales or marketing information or anything else without your explicit request from the Customer Account page. Your email address will initially be used to send you your Customer ID and password. You will not receive any other emails unless prompted by an action on your part.
Why your email address is needed:It is used for security of your account. Because we don't ask for your phone number or address, any significant changes to your account or certain uses of technical support are authorised through the email address you give. Sending your Customer ID via this email address validates that you entered it correctly and that your spam filter doesn't block emails from us (please add to your safe list). Should you lose your Customer ID or password, you can also request them to be resent at any time to your registered email address (you can identify yourself using your email address for this purpose). When you log in, you can also select to receive notification emails for software updates.