Large screen and WiFi Palm features

Larger screens

On Palm devices that support it, STEARsoft version 3 can make use of larger screens in portrait or landscape mode:

Network Syncronisation

Version 3 of STEARsoft allows WiFi enabled Palm devices to synchronise directly with the STEARsoft server. This bypasses the usual Palm Desktop HotSync application, making for easier deployment in school situations. For day-to-day synchronisation it is also faster (not having to synchronise all other applications). It is envisaged to use this to synchronise at school, whilst performing a normal HotSync at home. To set up the network synchronisation, use the menus as shown.

In the setup screen, you need to give the ip address (or host name) of the computer running the STEARsoft server. The port is normally left at 13031, so unless you have changed this on the STEARsoft server, leave this. The username and password you give is the login you use to access your STEARsoft registers on the computer.

Tap Save to save your settings. Tapping Save & Sync also starts a synchronisation as shown below.

Tap the Sync button on any STEARsoft screen to start a direct network synchronisation. Alternatively you can use the Save & Sync button in the Network Sync Setup screen, as shown above.

Providing the details are correct, a synchronisation will proceed automatically going through the stages shown below. For a normal day-to-day synchronisation it takes somewhere between 6 and 12 seconds. If you are doing an intitial everything synchronisation, then it can take several minutes. Be patient at this point (you do get confirmation of progress) - fortunately you only have to do this once.

After synchronising you are automatically taken back to the main STEARsoft screen. The WiFi network connection doesn't automatically disconnect immediately, so if you want to save battery you should manually disconnect the WiFi connection (press the WiFi bar-chart icon at the bottom of the screen.

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